What our customers say...

"Woody B's has something for everyone including cookies so scrumptious that we've yet to make it home with any left in the box." - Jennifer Harris Brown

"Freaking Delicious BBQ. If Jesus came to dinner @ my house I'd order up Woody B's. Woody B's Burps even taste good (disturbing I know but accurate)"- Jamie Dipalma

"We have a new and permanent tradition in our home. Major sporting event on TV = Woody B's Ribs. Hands down the best take-out meal in town." - Joan Tibbets Hudson

"Wow!!! It's hard to name my favorite because I've tried it all and everything is amazing!!! The salmon is unlike anything you have ever tasted...flaky, seasoned and delicious!!! Had a smorgasbord one night of pulled pork, ribs, salmon, brisket and I could not believe how wonderful it all was...sounds were coming out that I have never heard before!!!" - Francene Sorrell

"We have now had Woody B's for an after-practice quick meal with kids, Super Bowl party with friends, and catered at another party for adults. Each meal was met with rave reviews from the oldest picky eaters down to the extra-picky youngest who will eat no mac and cheese EXCEPT for Woody B's! My nine year old declared it the best meal he had ever had - a little crushing for my own ego, but I was just glad to have a meal the entire family would eat!" - Rebecca Lockwood Sheddrick


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