Please call us at 214-295-2892 for catering orders or to reserve any large orders for pick-up.

Smoked Meats

Sliced Brisket - $17.99/lb.

Chopped Brisket - $17.99/lb

Pulled Pork - $13.99/lb.

Salmon - $22.99/lb.

Baby Backs - $15.99/lb.

Chicken - ½ - $7.99 each

Chicken Wings (12) - $8.99/doz.

Jalapeño Sausage - $13.99/lb.

Special order meats (one week's notice please)

Whole turkey (off the bone) - $12.99/lb.

Whole Beef Tenderloin (min. 5 lb.) - $35.99/lb.

Woody B's Fresh Sides and Specialties

Beans - $5.29/pt., $9.99/qt.

Potato Salad - $5.29/pt., $9.99/qt.

Cole Slaw - $5.29/pt., $9.99/qt.

Smoked Salmon Orzo Pasta Salad - $9.49/pt., $17.99/qt.

Brisket Chili - $8.99/pt., $16.99/qt.

Smoked Chicken Mac n Cheese - $16.99

Smoked Gouda Cheese - $11.99/lb.

Woody B's Secret Sauce - $5.99/pt., $11.99/qt.

Prairie Creek Salsa - $5.99/pt., $11.99/qt.


Gigi's Fudge Ripple Cookies - $9.49/doz.