Woody Bs BBQ in the Media


D Magazine Side Dish Feature Article - September 2014

Woody Bs Mesquite BBQ

by Rochell Van Deurzen


I really love good stories. The greatest ones tend to be right in front of us, in quiet underdogs and humble folks who just like to make people smile. Woody Berry is one of those people. He runs a small, unassuming barbecue store in Richardson, using his own family recipes to please his very loyal clientele. After more than 30 years in the restaurant business, he retired and started smoking meats in his backyard as a hobby, and the hobby turned into a full-time job...

Richardson Living Magazine Feature Article - May/June 2011

The Berry BBQ Tradition

by Joy Rhodes


A milkman by trade and a skilled handyman, Woodrow Berry was a "man's man" who always found a way to provide for his family. While money never flowed abundantly in the Berry household, necessity often breeds creativity, and our Paw Paw refused to let finances damper his love for doing what he did best-BBQ. So, as he willfully made his way through his milk route each morning...

The Mercury Feature Article - July 2011

Backyard BBQ with Southern, Smokey Twist

by Bobby Karalla


Opening the door to the store front, a thick aroma of mesquitesmoked meats strikes the nose before someone behind the counter can even say "hello." It's the powerful scent of Woody B's BBQ, a six-month-old restaurant that has already been voted "Richardson's Best BBQ" by Richardson Living...