Welcome to Woody B’s Mesquite BBQ

If you long for authentic, Texas BBQ, you’ve found your slice of heaven. We are a small, mom and pop joint, and have a very unique approach which you will realize the moment you sink your teeth into our meats. Woody Berry, owner and operator, is a 43 year restaurant operations veteran, having directly operated and supervised over 500 restaurants as Director of Operations of five different restaurant chains both in America and England.

His love of BBQ came directly from his father many, many years ago. Like his father, he began in his back yard, some 15 years ago during an early retirement, and people started lining up in his front yard for the product. In January of 2011, after his wife, in a mesquite smoke filled rage told him to get the heck out of their backyard, he opened Woody B’s BBQ, a take home, heat and eat/catering kitchen right in his own neighborhood. Woody is now proud to offer online shipping of his incredibly delicious, mesquite smoked BBQ, directly from his kitchen to your door.

His goal is simple. To offer the best BBQ in Texas, at the best price, with the best service. Give it just one try (especially the salmon or the beef tenderloin) and we think you’ll agree. Enjoy the flexibility of mixing and matching different meats, without having order huge quantities of any one of them. Don’t want to eat right away? Even better. The product will stay fresh in a refrigerator for 3-5 days depending on the meat.
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What our customers say...

"Woody B's has something for everyone including cookies so scrumptious that we've yet to make it home with any left in the box." - Jennifer Harris Brown

"Freaking Delicious BBQ. If Jesus came to dinner @ my house I'd order up Woody B's. Woody B's Burps even taste good (disturbing I know but accurate)"- Jamie Dipalma

"We have a new and permanent tradition in our home. Major sporting event on TV = Woody B's Ribs. Hands down the best take-out meal in town." - Joan Tibbets Hudson